Meet SOME OF My Clients

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Well, to begin with, I never enjoyed exercising before .It always felt like a punishment that I have to do, But only until I tried TRX. It changed my mind and of course my shape, with commitment and balanced meals I even lost one size. You can say that Carla's TRX class made me enjoy sports and finally I found a class that I like doing and gives me results.

Thank you Carla, you are an amazing trainer.

Diana, 38 yrs

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Anne - Laure

Thanks to Carla, I returned to physical activity. I improved my strength, my mobility and my cardio. Step by step, I learned how to build a strong body for a better life.

Anne-Laure, 29 yrs



TRX with Carla was amazing!  I began training with her as a complete novice, but within no time I felt quite comfortable doing exercises I would never have thought possible.  Each class was highly enjoyable.  Carla kept the momentum going and motivated me to push myself as far as I could.  Within a few weeks I felt fitter and stronger than I had ever done before.  I definitely recommend TRX with Carla.

Rob, 41 yrs



I was always focused on my cardio. Carla's expert training helped to build up my core- and upper body strength, as well as improve my balance. I am a huge fan of the TRX as a result of Carla's work!

Paul, 61 yrs



TRX is a great tool! I don’t really like gyms but I want to keep fit and build strength. Carla’s TRX trainings are very complete! I improved strength in my arms, legs and core and I worked my balance! I burn a lot of calories in every workout! Carla motivates me to reset my goals and to take it to another level every time.

Great trainings!

Alex, 20 yrs

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We began to practice TRX with Carla. We didn't know what was all about. We really enjoyed it. We started practicing it for two days a week, then three and after a while four.

Training with Carla is fantastic! You stretch a lot and she is always caring and keeping an eye on how you do every movement to avoid injuries. Carla adapts every training depending on the level of the persons involved. It made me feel much better and I felt the changes in my body quite soon.

When you start practicing it you don't want to stop!

I tried to train following videos but, for sure, it's not the same.

Join her training, you won't regret it and soon you will feel better!

Patricia, 51 yrs

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Carla is an amazing teacher!!!

I never did TRX before and after her classes I'm a big fan.

She is very professional!!!

Esmeralda, 44 yrs


I enjoyed Carla’s classes a lot. She is awesome! Normally, I train on my own, but in Carla’s classes I was able to spice my regular sport routine. She engages students and motivates us to do our best! I miss your classes a lot!

Pia, 36 yrs



TRX training with Carla was a lot of fun. Stretching the body muscles was very comfortable. I started from very simple exercises, then after a few months, I was surprised to find that I could do a lot more! I could feel my body was improving. Besides the exercises, Carla gave me multiple advises about how to live healthier. It was a good opportunity for me to think about my lifestyle.

Harumi, 55 yrs